Children & Youth

Ev Kudjerski organizes a schedule of several volunteers to look after and teach the children on Sunday mornings, which includes two sections: Nursery and JK to Grade 6.

The curriculum we are presently using is called “Discipleship Jr.”, from David C. Cook. This is “a multiage, Bible-based, in-depth program that harnesses the power of FUN to build young disciples through interaction with Bible truth and with each other.” Each Sunday morning session includes interactive stories and drama, fun activities to reinforce the lesson, and fun ways to memorize the key Scripture verse.

Included in the material’s introduction is this important paragraph: “Intensive student-teacher interaction within a learning community that’s relational and supportive makes Discipleship Jr. an ideal program for including children with disabilities. Hands-on learning activities are easily adapted to include all students.”

Another great positive of this curriculum is the clear guidelines for prayer each week, using the imPACT model of prayer to help kids understand the four important activities of prayer—praise, ask, confess, and thank.


The children gather around two of our young people, to pray for them as they prepare for a mission trip.

We believe children are a vital part of the community, and they have something to contribute!


Nursery Volunteers

We are in need of more Nursery Volunteers. Spend an hour with the delightful children of our congregation from babies to age 2 one Sunday every two months. Ana would love to play with you. This is a key ministry that allows parents to participate in church in other ways, gives them wonderful support and will be a great blessing to you. Please contact Jane Clarke or Evelyn Kudjerski to volunteer in this area.